20 March 2019

From abstract Futurism to iconic Futurism

From March 21 to June 17, 2019 Palazzo Merulana presents ''Giacomo Balla. From abstract Futurism to iconic Futurism'', an exhibition curated by Fabio Benzi and centered on the famous painting Primo Carnera of 1933.

An exceptional work of the futurist master's production. Painted on both sides, with a Vaprofumo 1926 part on one side, a typically Futurist subject that fully represents the playful synaesthetic system of the futuristic Futurist era: the clear shapes, the soft colors, metallic and gilded, are intended to evoke the olfactory impression that it is released from a perfume bottle; the curious pierced shape of the picture represents the nostrils that perceive the smell with the two openings at the top.

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