10st December 2014

François Truffaut - The films of my life

At the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome from 11 December 2014 to 8 February 2015 will take place the film festival “François Truffaut - The films of my life“.

Director, screenwriter, actor, critic and populariser: for cinema lovers the world over, François Truffaut continues to maintain his aura as a legendary figure who has done more than most to revolutionise the way we understand the cinema today. Thirty years after his death, this outstanding retrospective sets some of the loftiest moments of his career as a director alongside a selection of the films and directors that he personally loved best, including the work of such masters as Hitchcock, Renoir, Welles, Bergman, Chaplin and Fellini. The result is a season of over thirty movie milestones, shedding light on the extraordinary richness of the heritage he has left us as a master of life and of the cinema: a unique artist.

For more information: www.palazzoesposizioni.it.

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